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Prehospital Data Program

The Illinois EMS Systems Act (210 ILCS 50) and supporting administrative code provide for the collection of prehospital patient care report data by licensed emergency medical services transport vehicle providers, and the subsequent submission of these data to IDPH. Each record contains information about the incident (reason for call, scene location, outcome, etc), provider/unit/crewmember identifiers, unit utilization descriptors (e.g., times and locations), patient information (limited demographics, injury/illness characterization, assessment results), and treatment details (medications, procedures).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Every EMS provider agency must regularly review applicable sections of the EMS Act (210 ILCS 50) and the EMS Administrative Code (77 Ill Adm. Code 515), as well as the Provider’s local EMS System Program Plan. Regular review is necessary to ensure ongoing provider awareness and compliance. While the Department may post various communications on specific topics from time to time, such communications should be considered a supplement to and not a replacement for regularly reviewing applicable provisions of the EMS Act, EMS Code and the System Program Plan. Providers are responsible for knowing and complying with all applicable requirements.



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