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Indoor Air Quality and Healthy Homes

Illinois Department of Public Health Toxicology Program staff frequently receives requests for consultation and assistance in addressing indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns from the public, other department staff, and local, state, and federal agencies. Most requests regarding IAQ come from individuals concerned about their residence, but the program also receives requests related to nonresidential buildings. These include day care centers, health care facilities, prisons, private businesses, schools and state, county, and city offices.

The program primarily responds to requests for assistance by providing telephone consultations and may refer complainants to other appropriate agencies and Internet resources, review sampling reports and work plans prepared by consultants, and attend public meetings. The program occasionally performs onsite visits to assess environmental hazards and conduct sampling but these are limited and typically involve large mercury spills or spills with unknown sources, Legionellosis outbreaks, or a request from a physician.

For more information about a specific indoor air quality or healthy homes topic, click on one of the fact sheets below, or visit the Resources menu.

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