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HFS OHS Provider Engagement

Providers, You Talked, We Listened. Be Part of the Improved Medicaid Dental Program

The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services and the Illinois Department of Public Health invite you to join the Medicaid Dental Program.

  • Illinoisans (children and adult members) covered by the Medicaid Dental Program seek timely access to high-quality dental care.
  • Dental providers who participate in the Medicaid Dental Program are eligible for quicker and more accurate reimbursements!
  • Transportation benefits can be arranged by contacting First Transit at Direct contact can be made by phone: patients: (877) 725-0569 and providers: (866) 503-9040.

Enhancements in Benefits to the Medicaid Dental Program!

Expansion of Dental Benefits for Adults so that Full-scope of Benefits Apply

Adults are eligible for the full-scope of Medicaid benefits, so you can care for children and families. Immigration status does not matter for adults 42- 64 years old.

Access to caries arresting agent silver diamine fluoride as a service has been added and is covered for all ages.

No Prior Authorization Required for Fillings

The Medicaid Dental Program does not require prior authorization for fillings.

Electronic Claim Submissions and Direct Deposit allows for quick and more accurate reimbursement.

Direct Referral Network

Medicaid members do not need a referral from their primary care dental provider to see a specialist.

Provider Representatives

Medicaid Dental Program representatives are ready to help you enroll in IMPACT. Contact them at (877) 782-5565, Option #1 for English, Option #2 for providers, and then Option #1 for IMPACT enrollment staff.

Or, self-enroll in IMPACT using available web tools and presentations by navigating to IMPACT Home and IMPACT Presentation and Materials.

Benefit Coverage for Dental Program Enrollees*

Service Babies, Children, and Young Adults Under 21 Years of Age Adults







Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Adjunctive General Services

*Detailed coverage and prior authorization information can be found in the Dental Office Reference Manual.

Having more dentists enrolled in the Medicaid Dental Program helps keep Illinoisians healthy.

Dental health is one of the most ignored facets of health care. However, we envision an Illinois in which all persons have uninhibited access to resources that promote oral health and reduce oral diseases. Dental providers are the cornerstone to achieving this vision. Help us get there!

Enroll now and learn more about our reimbursement and billing procedure.

Help Us Make Illinois Healthier!

Want to impact your community? Here’s your chance!

Illinois is one of the few states that offer comprehensive dental services as part of the Medicaid program. This means that low-income Illinoisians, including pregnant, disabled, and undocumented adults, have access to premium dental care and are able to prioritize their oral health.

In order to fulfill this vision, we need caring, empathic providers like you. Are you in?

Enroll Today! Call the HFS Dental Provider Hotline at (800) 842-1461.

Visit the HFS Dental Program Website for more information

Learn More: Dental Office Reference Manual