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Lemonade Stand Safety Tips

Always use clean and safe water and ice

Use tap water from your kitchen sink or refrigerator to make drinks and ice. Don't use water from a bathroom sink or hose because it may not be safe. If you have a private water well, use store-bought water and ice.

Clean hands keep food safe

Be sure to wash your hands often and especially after using the restroom, eating, or touching money.

Make your drinks using safe ingredients

Use pre-packaged beverage powder mix or pre-packaged frozen concentrate. If you're using fresh lemons, ensure they are properly washed with clean water before cutting them and store them in a clean container. Make sure that any utensils and surfaces like knives and cutting boards are cleaned regularly.

Don't touch ice with bare hands

Use a clean ice scoop or tongs when getting ice to prevent touching ice with your bare hands.

Keep your drinks safe from bugs and dirt

Use a plastic pitcher with a lid to keep the lemonade covered between customers. Store drink pitchers and ice off the ground.

Hand out cups from the bottom

Use single-use disposable cups stored off the ground. When handing cups to customers, always hold the cup at the bottom and do not touch the top where people's lips go.

Keep a trash can nearby

Have a trash can with a lid nearby to throw away used cups and keep bugs away.