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Food Handler Training

Training for Food Handlers

Food handler training provides greater food safety knowledge for food service employees. This training is not intended for employees who are already certified food protection managers. Employees may receive training from an ANSI accredited food handler training program through an internal training program.

In Illinois, food handler training is required for food employees or handlers based on the type of food establishment they work in. Generally, employees should receive training within 30 days of hire and may be required to renew their training every three years.

Food establishments should maintain copies of their food employees’ training records to provide to local health department officials during inspections.

Food handler training programs are required to be ANSI accredited or an internal training program approved by IDPH. A listing of ANSI accredited training programs can be found below. Currently, IDPH only approves internal training programs for non-restaurants. More information about IDPH approval can be reviewed in the state Food Code.

Have more questions about food handler training? Check out our Frequently-Asked Questions. Additional questions about food handler training may be emailed to the Food Program at