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Measles cases are on the rise globally and here in Illinois the number is increasing as well. Vaccines are 97% effective in preventing this highly contagious disease.  To learn more about this infection and get information on vaccination, go to  Learn how to identify measles and the safe and effective vaccine that can prevent this potentially life-threatening infection for adults and children. 

Patient Safety & Quality

Nearly 98,000 Americans die each year as a result of preventable medical errors. Over 1.5 billion dollars per year are paid, nationally, to cover the cost of medical errors which contributes to increases in across the board health care costs to consumers. The Division of Patient Safety and Quality is committed to work for safe, quality health care for the people of Illinois.

The Illinois Department of Public Health's Division of Patient Safety and Quality promotes health care transparency and is responsible for developing and implementing programs to collect and report health care provider data for improving the quality and value of health care services delivered to Illinois residents. Through the implementation of the Hospital Report Card Act, the Consumer Guide, and the Adverse Event Reporting Act, the Division will make hospital and ambulatory surgical centers performance data available to the public.

The Division also evaluates how local and national patient safety and quality standards will improve patient safety and quality in Illinois. Links to other sites with information about national quality and safety standards for health care organizations are included in the Links section.


Laws & Rules