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Measles cases are on the rise globally and here in Illinois the number is increasing as well. Vaccines are 97% effective in preventing this highly contagious disease.  To learn more about this infection and get information on vaccination, go to  Learn how to identify measles and the safe and effective vaccine that can prevent this potentially life-threatening infection for adults and children. 

CDC Project Firstline

About Project Firstline

CDC’s new infection control training collaborative, Project Firstline, is designed to help every frontline healthcare worker gain knowledge and confidence in infection control principles and protocols to protect themselves, their facility, their family, and their community.

Healthcare Workers

Are you a healthcare worker? Check out the videos below to learn the basic ideas behind infection control, how they work to prevent COVID-19, and how using infection control actions while you’re at work can protect you, your patients, your coworkers and your community.

Check out the inside infection control video series!

Project Firstline trainings are: 

  • Accessible - no matter your previous training or educational background, you’ll be able to understand each video. 
  • Concise - to fit around your busy schedule, each video lasts approximately 10 minutes. 
  • Interactive - to keep you engaged, each video has built-in knowledge checks.

Learning Needs Assessment

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and The Illinois Department of Public Health are collaborating on infection control training for frontline healthcare personnel. This assessment is meant to capture your experiences with infection control training, your confidence in being able to effectively implement infection control activities, and your preferences for additional training. Responses will be used to inform decisions on the development and delivery of future training to ensure it best meets the needs of you and your colleagues. Your participation in this survey is voluntary, your responses will be anonymous, and there will not be any negative effects if you decide you do not want to participate.  

 or, take the survey by scanning this QR code:
 or, por favor escanee el código QR:

Resources for Sponsors

IDPH hosted introductory webinars for our potential sponsors to let them know how they can help us with these efforts. You and your team are invited to listen to our recorded webinar below to learn more about Project Firstline and decide if your organization would like to join as a sponsor in these efforts.

Sponsor Form

Become a sponsor by downloading and completing the sponsor form here.

Please email for any questions.