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IL Hospital Report Card & Consumer Guide to Health Care

In November, 2009 the Division of Patient Safety and Quality launched the Illinois Hospital Report Card and Consumer Guide to Health Care website. Mandated by the Illinois Hospital Report Card Act (210 ILCS 86/) as well as the Illinois Health Finance Reform Act (20 ILCS 2215), the website was established to provide the general public with access to meaningful information about patient care quality and costs in Illinois hospitals and ambulatory surgical treatment centers. The intent is to help consumers become more informed about health services so that they can make better health care choices. Over 175 indicators of quality, safety, patient satisfaction, utilization, and charges for specific procedures and conditions are currently displayed. The Illinois Hospital Report Card and Consumer Guide to Health Care includes the following information:

  • Volume and cost of services in hospitals and ambulatory surgery treatment centers
  • Quality and safety
  • Health care-associated infections
  • Nurse staffing
  • Surgical care
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Summaries and links to Illinois laws that ensure consumer protection

Information on the site is based on quarterly data that hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers are mandated to submit to the Illinois Department of Public Health. These data include patient claims data, nurse staffing data, surgical care processes, and health care-associated infections. Nationally recognized measures are used in reporting, and benchmarks are provided to assist consumer interpretation. The web site is updated quarterly with the most recent data and often, new indicators as well. The Public Health Map feature examines issues of health equity at the community level including access to primary care, emergency room use, and racial and ethnic disparities in care. The Illinois Public Health Community Map is accessible on the Hospital Report Card web site.