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A worldwide technology outage is causing disruption to some State of Illinois online systems.  We are aware of this issue and are diligently working on restoration.

Asthma Partnership

The Illinois Asthma Partnership was created in 2000. The partnership has met consistently during this time and currently meets semi-annually. The partnership is comprised of four workgroups and an executive committee.

Illinois Asthma Partnership (IAP) Member Roles

  • Implement the Illinois asthma state plan
  • Identify and analyze data sources for asthma surveillance and evaluation
  • Develop professional knowledge and skills in asthma
  • Communicate with IDPH and grant recipients
  • Advise IDPH staff on issues related to asthma in Illinois

Asthma Program Staff Roles

  • Guide the implementation of the asthma state plan
  • Serve as a vehicle to coordinate communication between the local asthma consortia and the IAP
  • Coordinate the activities of the IAP workgroups and face-to-face meetings
  • Communicate state program priorities
  • Address needs voiced by IAP workgroups and members
  • Provide technical assistance and resources for programs implemented through the IAP
  • Documents workgroup meetings

The Executive Committee

Two members serve as chair and co-chair. Members of the executive committee include chair and co-chair of each work group and two members at large of the IAP.


  • Assist with planning the partnership meetings twice per year
  • Provide direction on annual priorities
  • Lead in the development of the state asthma plan (every five years) and updates the plan as needed.
  • Facilitates respective workgroup conference calls, including agenda development.

Meeting Commitment: Every other month conference call


Advocacy and Policy Workgroup

This workgroup identifies policy and advocacy issues, strategies to increase policy makers’ awareness of asthma as a public health problem, and works to secure legislative support for state and local asthma initiatives. Additionally, the group works to mobilize partners to support policies that provide environmental protection for individuals with asthma in multiple settings, including, but not limited to, schools, child care centers, workplaces and public places.

Meeting Commitment: ad hoc work group that meets only as policy issues related to asthma arise

Data, Assessment and Outcomes Workgroup

This workgroup obtains scientific information related to asthma, disseminates information to those who are interested and who need to know, and promotes the use of information as the foundation for action in alleviating the burden of asthma.

Meeting Commitment: Every other month conference call


  • Illinois Asthma Burden Updates, which supplements the Burden of Asthma in Illinois Report.
  • Survey development and analysis.

Occupational Asthma Workgroup

This workgroup seeks to determine the burden of asthma in the workplace and works through local and regional public health agencies and businesses directly (or indirectly through insurance carriers) to provide information that addresses asthma as a public health issue in the workplace, and advocates that people affected by asthma in the workplace receive the support and services they need.

Meeting Commitment: Every other month conference call


  • Occupational Asthma Toolkit (in revision)

School and Education Workgroup

The work group promotes education and awareness using the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute asthma guidelines and evidence-based program by providing materials and resources to increase awareness about asthma to allied health professionals, child care providers and the school community (school parents, student nurses, teachers, administrators, secretaries, security, maintenance, dietary, bus drivers, lunch and playground staff, coaches and athletic directors) to promote consistent messages on the management of asthma.

Meeting Commitment: Every other month conference call


  • Provide asthma education and asthma gadget trainings to school nurses during the Illinois Department of Human Services School Health Days seminars.
  • Built asthma resource bank to disseminate asthma information to smokers who suffer from asthma or live in homes with those who suffer from asthma.