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Medical Cannabis Patient Program Frequently Asked Questions

My status is awaiting certification/awaiting renewal certification. Where do I go from here?

Your physician must create the certification online and assign it to you.  Once they do this, you will be able to select the certification from the drop-down menu to complete payment and registration.

Note the online program is extremely case sensitive.  Any typos involving information, such as your name, suffix, date of birth, and Social Security number, will prevent the certification from appearing. It is imperative that your physician correctly completes the certification, so you do not experience any registration issues.

Will I still receive my plastic card?

We no longer issue plastic cards.  Cards will be printed from the system once the application has been processed in an effort to decrease patient costs.  Patients no longer pay $25 for the replacement of lost (or stolen) cards or information changes. 

Will dispensaries take the paper card?

Dispensaries are aware of the change from plastic to paper and will accept your paper medical cannabis card.  We are working with reciprocal states to ensure they know we are now using paper registry cards.  

Will dispensaries take a digital copy of my card?

Dispensaries can accept a digital copy of your card along with a physical form of identification. 

I completed my renewal, but when I print my card, it shows the same expiration date. When will I receive my new card?

Cards will not be mailed. Patients need to print renewal cards from their account. Once your status says “Extension/Renewal completed,” no further action is necessary. Your card will update the day after your current card expires.

My card expired two weeks ago and now I can’t purchase my medicine. Can you reactive my card?

If your card is expired, you need to re-apply. You cannot renew an expired account.  You will be required to re-apply as a new patient via the online application.  Persons who have an expired registration card and wish to continue participation in the MCPP, need a new physician certification – submitted online by your health care provider, in addition to proof of residency, a passport style photo, and a copy of a current non-expired driver’s license.

I don’t see my waiver online?

Waivers can ONLY be submitted online by the certifying health care provider. There is nothing patients are required to do. Patients will be notified via email when their waiver increase has been approved.

Do you accept an expired driver’s license or an out of state driver’s license/state ID’s?

Expired driver’s license or state IDs will not be accepted. If the address on your current ID does not match the address on the application, then one proof of residency will be required. Out of state IDs are acceptable for proof of ID, but you will need a proof of residency to verify you are a resident of Illinois.

What kind of photo can I upload?

Photos need to be passport style pictures. Inappropriate pictures will not be accepted or tolerated. Examples of photos that will be rejected include those involving nudity, pictures with filters used (i.e., Snapchat filter), and pictures with more than one person in the photo.

I need help with my online application.  I don’t own a computer or have access to one. Can I just mail in my paper application?

No paper documents of any kind are accepted. Change of address, change of name, or adding a caregiver must be completed online. The Health Care Professional Certification and Waiver to Increase allotment MUST be submitted online by the certifying health care provider.

Free help is available through participating local health departments. Costs associated with registration fees and other requirements (i.e., passport photo, etc.) are the applicant’s responsibility.

Who chooses if I can be considered to have a lifelong medical condition?

Lifelong conditions can ONLY be designated by the certifying health care provider. If a veteran submits VA Medical records, the records will be reviewed for approval by the Illinois Department of Public Health’s medical cannabis nurse manager.