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Revoking a Health Care Provider Certification

Revoking a Health Care Certification for a Qualifying Patient

  1. Sign-in to ICTS at
  2. Revoking a health care provider certification will also revoke the patient’s application.
  3. It is important to review the directions at the top of each page until you become familiar with the process.
  4. Click the Health Care Provider Certification link.
  5. In the Certification Listing, find the certification needing to be revoked and click on the record.
    Note: Click a heading to sort the list.
  6. From the Certification Status dropdown, select Revoked.
  7. From the Revocation Reason dropdown, select a value.
  8. Enter the Health Care Provider PIN.
  9. Type the Health Care Provider Signature and click on Revoke Certification.
  10. The certification listing appears. The certification status of the patient is Revoked.
  11. The patient will receive an email notification informing them their health care provider has revoked their application.