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Extending or Renewing Your Medical Cannabis Registry E-Card

Currently, medical cannabis has two types of renewals:

  1. An extension renewal, which is a yearly incremental renewal for patients that did not purchase a three-year card at the onset of registering and wish to continue with the Medical Cannabis Patient Program. No Health Care Professional Certification is required for this type of extension.
  2. A full recertification renewal, a renewal for patients that have had their cards for three years or whose card has expired. Full recertification renewal will require patients to go see their certifying health care professional for a new updated on-line health care professional certification as well as additional documents. Be sure to read all extension/renewal emails in their entirety.

IDPH will send a courtesy e-mail about your extension renewal (one-year incremental renewal) approximately 45 days prior to expiration date on the medical cannabis registry card. IDPH will send a courtesy e-mail about your full recertification renewal (three-year e-cards) five months prior to the expiration date on the medical cannabis registry e-card.

If you currently have or had a 6-month Terminal Illness Registry Card, DO NOT start a Terminal Illness application. You will need to submit a qualifying patient application. If you have any questions please call 855-636-3688 and ask to speak to a Terminal Illness Specialist or email for instructions.

After each three-year cycle, you will be required to submit a new on-line application along with a new photo and other documentation to extend your registry identification card. Instructions on how to Extend your Registry E-Card can be found here. Instructions on how to Renew your Registry E-Card can be found here.

Do I need to see my doctor?

At the end of each three-year period, you will be required to renew your registry identification card and submit new documentation, including, but not limited to a health care professional certification, photo, etc. “Note: The Medical Cannabis Program no longer requires a fingerprint background check.”

What happens if my registry identification card expires before I am able to submit my extension online?

You will need to complete a new application to participate in the program, including obtaining a health care professional certification. If your card expires, you will not have the benefit of the immunities provided by the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act under Section 25 to registered qualifying patients and designated caregivers.

Will my designated caregiver have to get an extension or renew as well?

Yes. If you have a designated caregiver(s) and would like them to continue as your caregiver(s), you must extend or renew their registry card at the same time.

My registry identification card does not expire until next year. Can I submit my extension or renewal now?

IDPH will e-mail a courtesy extension or renewal notification to the registered qualifying patient approximately 45 days (for extensions) and five months (for full renewals before the expiration date listed on the medical cannabis registry identification e-card. Please wait for this letter before attempting to extend/renew your card. Be vigilant of the expiration date on the medical cannabis registry e-card, as patients/caregivers are responsible of keeping track of the expiration date. Please contact the Medical Cannabis program with questions .