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Electronic Grants Administration & Management System

Electronic Grants Administration and Management System (EGrAMS) is an enterprise-wide web-based scalable, configurable, business rule driven, and workflow based end-to-end electronic grants system. The system provides consistent and standard user interfaces to handle the process from grant application entry to closeout. It offers a streamlined solution to configure, find, apply, and manage your grant application process quickly, efficiently, and accurately. The system uses a comprehensive security framework for user authentication and authorization. EGrAMS is quick to learn and easy to use even for users with no prior experience on a computerized grants system. The system provides user-friendly and intuitive web-based interfaces providing various ease-of-use features such as lookups, dropdowns, and context sensitive help. EGrAMS is a rule-based configurable application that comprises of several modules. Although there are several modules/sub modules that constitute the EGrAMS system, a user will see only application areas that are relevant to his/her role.

When applicants attempt to ‘Initiate the Grant’ to generate an application, an error will occur if pre-qualification items are incomplete or out of compliance on the GATA website - Grantee Portal at Please be sure your information on the EGrAMS Agency profile matches the Grantee Portal registration.

All entities must be qualified to do business with the State of Illinois. To be qualified for a grant award, an entity must:

  • Have a valid DUNS number;
  • Have a current account;
  • Not be on the Federal Excluded Parties List;
  • Be in Good Standing with the Illinois Secretary of State, as applicable;
  • Not be on the Illinois Stop Payment list;
  • Not be on the Dept. of Healthcare and Family Services Provider Sanctions list

All Grantees must be set up in SAMS and EGrAMS before they can apply for an IDPH grant.

Additional Training on our Grants Page can be found here.