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Pregnancy Termination Facilities

A facility will be considered a pregnancy termination specialty center if it meets each of the following conditions:

  1. Procedures performed at the facility are limited to procedures to terminate pregnancy performed within 18 weeks assessed gestational age (beginning on the first day of the last menstrual period), and other gynecologic procedures related to the termination of pregnancy.  Assessed gestational age may be determined by patient history or by clinical assessment.
  2. The center does not use general, epidural, or spinal anesthesia for any of the procedures performed.  If intravenous sedation is used, mechanical ventilation devices and intubation equipment shall be available on site.
  3. The program narrative and policies of the facility are limited to the performance of procedures to terminate pregnancy and other procedures related to the termination of pregnancy.


For information on filing a complaint or checking the status of a current complaint, please visit our complaint section.  



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