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Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation

A Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility is an entity that provides coordinated outpatient diagnostic, therapeutic, and restorative services, at a single fixed location, to outpatients for the rehabilitation of  injured, disabled or sick individuals. Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology services may be provided in an off-site location. 

How to Become Medicare Certified


For information on filing a complaint or checking the status of a current complaint, please visit our complaint section.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required for a relocation of the health care provider?

The health care provider shall complete the IDPH “Facility Information Change Form” prior to the relocation and submit to the Department.  If the Health Care Provider is Medicare certified then the provider shall also complete Medicare Provider enrollment form A and submit to their Medicare fiscal intermediary.

What is the process to add a offsite location under the main provider Medicare certification number?

Refer to the Medicare Regulations under Chapter 2 of the State Operations Manual.
An extension location is defined at 42 CFR 485.703 as “a location or site from which a rehabilitation agency provides services within a portion of the total geographic area served by the primary site. The extension location is part of the agency. The extension location should be located sufficiently close to share administration, supervision, and services in a manner that renders it unnecessary for the extension location to independently meet the conditions of participation as a rehabilitation agency.”  The provider shall complete the “Extension Site Form” found under “Forms” and mail it to the Department for review and recommendation to The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services for approval.



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