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Lead Supervisory, Inspector, Risk Assessor, and Worker

To conduct any lead services, including lead inspection, lead risk assessment, lead hazard screening, lead mitigation and lead abatement work and supervision, in a regulated facility in Illinois, an individual shall be licensed in accordance with the Act and this Section. To qualify for a license as a lead inspector, lead risk assessor, lead supervisor, or lead worker, an applicant shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age
  2. Submit the Department-approved lead training course certificate.
  3. The training course completed shall be for the discipline for which licensure is sought. If the initial certificate is expired, include all subsequent IDPH approved refresher training
  4. Submit a recent 1” x 1” photograph of the applicant for proper identification of the licensee. The license will not be issued without an identification photograph
  5. Submit the appropriate completed application form provided by the Department
  6. Submit the required license application fee
  7. For applicants seeking licensure as a lead inspector, lead risk assessor, and lead supervisor, the applicant must meet the third party examination requirements of Lead Poisoning Prevention Code
Full Name Location License Expiration Employer