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48-Hr Hospital Opioid OD Reporting Facility Compliance

The list below indicates the compliance status of Illinois facilities mandated to report opioid overdoses in their emergency department (ED). Hospitals identified as compliant have fulfilled all required elements of reporting as of the date of the report. Hospitals listed as not compliant are missing at least one of the required activities needed to be in compliance. The process for compliance entails:

  1. Annual validation of hospitals opioid overdose counts.
  2. Opioid antagonist administration data reports sent daily to IDPH.

Beginning in January 2020, facilities were required to annually validate their ED opioid overdoses. To demonstrate ongoing compliance, facilities are required to submit a form to indicate completion of self-validation by December 31st of the validation year. Facilities that fail to meet compliance will be referred to IDPH’s Office of Health Care Facilities and Programs, which manages licensing of health care facilities to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

The hospital compliance list will be updated annually in March after self-validations have been completed.

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Hospital Name Hospital City Opioid Antagonist Data Reporting Self Validation December 2022 submitted Compliant

Updated: 12/06/2023