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Blood Lead Specimen Submission Instructions

For capillary specimens, fill micro-tube to at least above the first line marked on the tube. For venous specimens, fill the vacutainer tube provided with a minimum of 1.0 mL of blood. Mix both capillary and venous specimens by gentle inversion 5 to 10 times.

The specimen must be labeled with the patient’s full name and date of birth. For capillary specimens, use a black permanent marker.

Complete all information on the Blood Lead test requisition form using black ink in capital letters. Be sure to keep all writing within the boxes.

Place each specimen into an individual small plastic bag.

Ship specimens by the fastest delivery method possible. Avoid shipping specimens over weekends or holidays.

Messenger/Courier by ground transport: Wrap specimen in absorbent material. Place wrapped specimen into a biohazard labeled bag and seal securely. Place the test requisition on the outside of the biohazard labeled bag. Place the sealed biohazard bag and test requisition inside the shipping container. The shipping container must be rigid, such as a cooler, and labeled with the UN 3373 Biological Substance Category B marking. Close securely.

Commercial carrier by ground/air transport: Place the specimen inside a biohazard labeled 95 kPa bag and add sufficient absorbent material to absorb the entire contents. Seal following the instructions on the bag. Place the test requisition(s) in the 95 kPa bag outside pouch and seal following the instructions on the bag. Place the sealed 95 kPa bag and completed test requisition(s) inside the shipping container and close securely. Label the outer shipping container with the IDPH laboratory address. Complete the return address section to include the name of the person shipping the package, business name and address, and a business phone number. The shipping container must include the UN 3373 Biological Substance Category B marking.

If the specimen(s) cannot be shipped immediately, store at 2-8°C (refrigerator temperature).

Blood lead specimens should reach the IDPH laboratory within 15 days of collection.

Ship To

Illinois Department of Public Health

Division of Laboratories
2121 W. Taylor St.
Chicago, IL 60612