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Required Partial Lead Service Line Replacement Notifications

Community water supplies are required to notify IDPH under certain conditions outlined in the Act including when:

  • An emergency repair commenced by the community water system results in a partial lead service line replacement and a complete lead service line replacement cannot occur within the appropriate time frame (30 days or 120 days in the event of weather or other circumstances beyond reasonable control that prohibit construction). IDPH shall be notified within 24 hours of the repair.
  • If dangers are encountered that prevent the complete replacement of a lead service line, the community water supply shall notify IDPH within 15 working days of why the replacement could not be accomplished.
  • The owner of a potentially affected building refuses to sign the waiver or fails to respond to the community water system after the community water supply provided appropriate notification. The community water supply shall notify the IDPH within 15 working days.

To facilitate these requirements, IDPH has created the following electronic form for representatives of community water supplies to submit such notifications to IDPH.

For any concerns or questions, community water supplies should contact IDPH’s Plumbing and Water Quality Program at

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