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Illinois Department of Public Health Achieves Reaccreditation from National Public Health Body

News – Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Endorsement of Public Health Accreditation Board Indicates IDPH Meets the Gold Standard for Performance and Quality

CHICAGO – Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Director Sameer Vohra announced  that that IDPH has achieved reaccreditation from the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) following a rigorous review process by the national board to ensure it continues to meet or exceed the highest quality and performance standards for a public health agency. National accreditation through PHAB indicates that IDPH has demonstrated dedication to equity, accountability to stakeholders, strong relationships with key health stakeholders, and that it continues to evolve and strengthen its performance to improve the health of the residents of Illinois.

“IDPH’s reaccreditation from the Public Health Accreditation Board is an outstanding accomplishment, particularly given the challenges of the last three years,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “The people of Illinois are fortunate to have a public health department that champions performance improvement and innovation—with a team of people dedicated to advocacy and partnerships that promote health equity, prevent and protect against disease and injury, and prepare for health emergencies. Congratulations to the entire IDPH team.”

“This recognition by the nation’s accrediting body for public health agencies is a well-deserved acknowledgement of the quality and dedication of our IDPH staff who work so hard each day to protect the health and wellness of everyone who lives in or visits Illinois,” said Director Vohra. “This honor demonstrates IDPH meets the highest national standards in each phase of our operations and displays our dedication to equity, accountability to stakeholders, strong relationships with key health stakeholders, and our goal to continuously evolve and strengthen our performance.”

The non-profit PHAB works to advance and transform public health practice by championing performance improvement, strong infrastructure, and innovation. PHAB’s accreditation program, which receives support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sets standards against which the nation’s governmental public health departments can continuously improve the quality of their services and performance.

“We are extremely pleased to be at the point in the accreditation program where the Illinois Department of Public Health, along with many others, are successfully maintaining their five-year accreditation status through PHAB,” said PHAB President and CEO Paul Kuehnert, DNP, RN, FAAN. “In so doing, these health departments are assuring their communities that the value of accreditation is long-term -- not a one-time recognition -- and that continual improvement is the hallmark of a 21st century organization.”

Often called the “backbone” of the public health system, public health departments are on the front lines of communities’ efforts to protect and promote health and prevent disease and injury. PHAB-accredited health departments demonstrate great leadership by placing their work for peer review, with the goal of using the feedback obtained during the process to improve the services they provide to their communities.

IDPH has 200 different programs that benefit each state resident and visitor. With the assistance of local public health agencies, these essential programs and services make up Illinois' public health system, a system that forms a frontline defense against disease through preventive measures and education.

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