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Newborn Metabolic Screening Perinatal Hospital Submitter Performance July-September 2022

The Illinois Department of Public Health newborn metabolic screen (also called the heel stick or blood spot screen) includes many serious disorders that need to be found and treated in the first days of life. The Newborn Screening Follow-up Program reports out-of-range screening results to the hospital contact or physician by telephone, fax and mail as soon as a test is completed. Because many out-of-range screening results require immediate referral to a medical specialist, the Newborn Screening Follow-up Program tracks the number of days between collection at the birthing site and receipt of specimens by the Illinois Department of Public Health Newborn Screening Laboratory. The quarterly reporting metrics below are presented by perinatal hospital (submitter).

Totals Values

Total Number of Specimens Received from Perinatal Hospitals


Total Received within 3 Days of Collection

29601 (76.9%)

Total Received within 5 Days of Collection

37709 (98.0%)

Total Received 6 or More Days after Collection

759 (2.0%)

Percentage of Specimens Valid and Satisfactory for Testing


Percentage Unsatisfactory Due to Missing Information or Early Collection

(This percentage does not include specimens that required correction of demographic information by IDPH and hospital staff)


Percentage Unsatisfactory for Laboratory Testing


Number of Perinatal Hospital Submitters

Submitter Name Submitter City           Total Spec. Rcv'd Total <= 3Days % <= 3Days Total 4-5 Days % 4-5 Days % 0-5 Days Total >5-14 Days % >5-14 Days Total >= 14 Days % > = 14 Days Total Clerical Unsats Total Lab Unsats Total Missing DOB Total Missing DOC