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COVID-19 Surveillance

The measures included on this page are daily indicators of how Illinois and its regions and counties are being impacted by COVID-19.  IDPH continues to monitor these indicators to identify early increases of virus transmission, and stress on hospital resources.

Data are provisional and are updated daily.

Data Updated:

Weekly Case Rate/100,000 Population

Percentage ICU Beds Available

COVID-19 Diagnosed Hospital Admissions

Weekly Deaths Reported

Weekly Case Rate

ICU Availability Seven-Day Rolling Average

Admissions Seven-Day Rolling Average

Weekly Deaths


Weekly Case Rate Per 100,000 Population

For each county, a weekly case rate per 100,000 population is calculated by dividing the number of COVID-19 confirmed and probable cases reported to IDPH over a 7 day period by the population, and multiplying by 100,000. This value is rounded to one decimal place.

Calculation: 100,000* [Sum of confirmed and probable cases for 7 day period] /population.

ICU Bed Availability

The seven-day average for the percentage of hospital ICU beds available is calculated by dividing the sum of the previous seven days’ ICU bed capacity into the sum of the previous seven days’ ICU bed availability and multiplying the resulting number by 100 to convert it to a percent.

Count of COVID-19 Diagnosed Hospital Admissions, seven-day average

The seven-day average of the daily number of hospital admissions given a diagnosis of COVID-19 is calculated from data collected by the Illinois Syndromic Surveillance System. Illinois collects emergency department and inpatient visits from acute care hospitals in Illinois in near-real time. Data are provided with a three-day lag to allow time for diagnosis to be reported. At the county level, a visit is counted by where the patient resides. A patient with multiple visits will be counted for each visit. Admissions may not be due to COVID-19 as the primary cause. Syndromic surveillance data is not the same source used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to report COVID-19 hospital admissions data. 

More information on the Illinois Syndromic Surveillance System can be found here:

Weekly Reported Deaths

Each week, for each region and county, the weekly count of deaths is calculated by counting the number of deaths that occurred because of COVID-19 and that were reported to IDPH during the previous week.

Calculation: Count of deaths due to COVID-19 in a week.