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Ventilatory Device Maintenance and Repair Services RFP

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) are seeking proposals to provide maintenance and repair services for the current and future additions to their ventilatory device and supply cache maintained by IDPH and related equipment and supplies. This includes coordination of biomedical preventative maintenance and repairs based on ventilatory device manufacturer guidelines. The State will evaluate the proposals and make one award for an all-inclusive ventilatory device maintenance and repair service contract to a vendor that can fulfill all the services requested. Vendor would be able to subcontract or outsource to another company. The vendor selected must provide maintenance and repair services that are scalable in both number of ventilatory devices and associated equipment and supplies for the various types and models of ventilatory devices and associated equipment manufactured. IDPH must ensure sufficient staff and specifications to protect the safety and integrity of its ventilatory device cache. Because ventilatory devices are durable medical equipment, they have additional requirements beyond other common warehoused items. Therefore, the vendor must assign one or more individuals with both a medical background (Medical Doctor, Doctor of Osteopathy, Advanced Practice Nurse, Physician Assistant, or Respiratory Therapist) and prior experience maintaining ventilators and Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure devices (BiPAPs) to the contract. Staffing may be part-time but must be sufficient to meet the requirements dictated in the RFP. The vendor must also assign one or more biomedical engineers/biomedical engineering vendors to the contract that are trained and certified to maintain ventilators. IDPH's current ventilator cache includes both Ventec VOSCN Pro ventilators and Phillips Trilogy 100 ventilators. Vendor selected would have to figure out a subcontract for any additional services to be provided which they do not have in house to meet the requirements of the RFP. All Phillips ventilators were purchased used and are on recall status; therefore, the vendor would need to negotiate a Phillips recall evaluation in collaboration with IDPH. Vendor should help get the recalls settled by the company and that they agree to work with them for a solution for us buying without a warranty. Staff engaged in the performance of this contract must be supervised by the vendor and are not considered employees of the State.  The vendor may engage subcontractors to perform parts of the services. If subcontractors will be engaged, the vendor must include a complete list of all subcontractors, their addresses, and a description of the work each subcontractor will be performing in the proposal. Vendor will be responsible for oversight to all subcontractors. Subcontractor performance will be the responsibility of the vendor and not the State.

Key Dates

October 27, 2022 RFP released

November 3, 2022 All questions from prospective vendors due via email to or

November 10, 2022 Answers to questions from prospective vendors released via IDPH website

November 17, 2022 Submissions due via email to or on November 17, 2022, no later than 5:00 p.m. CST

November 28, 2022 (estimated) Contract award

December 1, 2022 (estimated) Start date