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Food Allergy Awareness Signage

PA101-0495 amends the Illinois Food Handling Regulation Enforcement Act, adding section 3.08 Food Allergy Awareness, effective August 23, 2019.


Restaurant-means any business that is primarily engaged in the sale to ready to eat food for immediate consumption

Primarily engaged-means having sales of ready to eat food for immediate consumption comprising at least 51% of total sales excluding the sale of liquor

Effective August 23, 2019, with enforcement beginning July 1, 2020, a restaurant shall display a notice indicating to consumers that any information regarding food allergies must be communicated to an employee of the restaurant. Then, that employee shall communicate that food allergy information to the Person in Charge (PIC) or Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) on duty at this establishment.

IDPH has created a “Notice to Consumers” sign that meets the requirements of the Act and is available for download here

A restaurant is in compliance with this allergen signage requirement if one of the following is met:

  1. A restaurant posts the signage IDPH created and it is posted in an area where consumers can easily see it
  2. A multi-state business or franchisee that has an internal policy that requires a notice to be displayed or statement regarding food allergies to be provided on the menu
  3. A restaurant displays a notice regarding food allergies or provides a statement regarding food allergies on its menu that was approved in another state prior to August 23, 2019

There is no minimum or maximum size requirement for this allergen signage, but it must be visible to all consumers. The signage can be translated into another language, but the English signage must also be present.

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