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Report Options for Trauma Centers

Trauma Registry users can access their institution’s data to create reports for a wide variety of purposes using the system’s Ad Hoc Report function. A limited number of pre-defined reports are also available through the system’s Corporate Report function. The Corporate Reports currently available to system users are:

  • Complications
  • Head Injury*
  • Hospital Reporting
  • Incomplete Records (Data cleaning)
  • Injury Prevention*
  • ISS
  • ISS Summary
  • Nature of Injury
  • Patient Age Distribution*
  • Patient Care
  • Patient Distribution*
  • Patient Log
  • Patient Log Abbreviated
  • Patient Record Abbreviated*
  • Payment Source
  • Place of Injury*
  • Procedure
  • Procedure Summary
  • Safety Equipment*
  • Spinal Cord Injury*

The reports marked with an asterisk were released for use in March of 2007, along with a set of notes for each explaining its purpose, describing its layout, and providing information about how its content is compiled.

These notes are accessible through the following links:

Head Injury - Displays head injury counts for applicable Nature of Injury codes (N-codes).

Injury Prevention - Provides incidence and mortality counts associated with more than thirty injury causes or mechanisms, with further data differentiation by manner/intent.

Patient Age Distribution - Displays distributions of patient counts for one or more commonly-used categorical variables, with each distribution stratified by age group.

Patient Distribution - Provides a snapshot of the prevalence of certain characteristics describing the trauma patients themselves (age, gender, race, and ethnicity), their injuries (cause and type), and some aspects of their experience moving through the health care system, including trauma category, transport, emergency department, and hospital stay information.

Patient Record Abbreviated - Displays a pre-determined set of demographic, prehospital, transfer, emergency department, trauma assessment, hospitalization, discharge, and performance improvement information from the patient record.

Place of Injury - Displays place of injury Ecode count totals for home, farm, mine and quarry, recreational/sport, street/highway, public building, residential institution, other specified place, and unspecified place categories, as well as school-related and work-related breakdowns for each of these categories.

Safety Equipment - Provides a record of safety equipment usage/non-usage for motor vehicle, motorcycle, pedal cyclist, and fall from building accidents, as well as for a variety of less common accident categories.

Spinal Cord Injury - Displays spinal cord injury counts for applicable Nature of Injury codes (N-codes).