• 30th Mar, 2015
    April 7, 2015 Designated as “Mayors Day of Recognition”

    SPRINGFIELD – Nearly 2,000 participating officials will mark April 7, 2015 as the Mayors Day of Celebration for National Service. As of the date of this release, 66 Mayors in Illinois have signed on to participate. On this day, mayors and county executives will hold public events and use traditional and social media to highlight the value of national service to the nation’s cities. Last year, 1,760 mayors representing more than 110 million citizens participated in the second-annual Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service. The initiative is being led by the Corporation for National and Community Service, the National League of Cities, and Cities of Service.
    “Cities and counties in Illinois rely on Senior Corp and AmeriCorps to support their most in need citizens,” said Scott...

  • 26th Mar, 2015

    Creating & Sustaining Healthy Communities
    LISLE  – Building on the idea that community empowerment is one of the strongest strategies to improve public health, the 2015 Illinois Minority Health Conference, hosted by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Center for Minority Health Services and the Illinois Public Health Association earlier this week, offered sessions focused on community health workers, strategies to develop effective partnerships, and conducting outreach to specific minority populations. 
    Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinneti opened the conference on March 24, 2015, at the Hilton Lisle/Naperville, with the announcement that Governor Bruce Rauner had proclaimed April to be Minority Health Month.  IDPH Director Nirav D. Shah, M.D., J.D. followed Lt. Governor Sanguinneti’s remarks with his...

  • 24th Mar, 2015

    March 24 is World TB Day

    SPRINGFIELD – Governor Bruce Rauner has issued a proclamation declaring that Illinois will observe World TB Day, on March 24, 2015.  The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) observes this day annually to encourage Illinoisans to learn about TB and to help stop the spread of the disease. Illinois ranks sixth in the nation for the highest number of TB cases. 

    “Although the number of cases in the US and IL continues to decrease, the complexity of cases has actually increased because of socioeconomic issues and increasing drug resistance,” said Illinois Department of Public Health Director Nirav D. Shah, M.D., J.D. “IDPH is working to promote prompt diagnosis and treatment of TB cases, to implement strategies to prevent TB in children, and to decrease TB transmission in health care facilities and community settings.”


  • 10th Mar, 2015

    SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is advising residents who obtain their drinking water from private wells in the Schaumburg area (Cook County) to test their water for possible groundwater contamination.  Routine testing of Schaumburg’s community water supply wells by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) indicates contaminants could be present in the area’s private wells. 
    The contaminants trichloroethylene (TCE) and tetrachloroethylene (PCE) were detected at levels lower than the Illinois Groundwater Standard.  However, this groundwater serves private wells in the area and it is possible the levels of the...

  • 6th Mar, 2015

    The following is a joint statement from the Illinois Lottery, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and IDPH

    New Game Expected to raise $2 million for Multiple Sclerosis Research in Illinois

    CHICAGO, IL – The Illinois Lottery, Illinois Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti, and the Illinois Department of Public Health launched today the Lottery’s latest instant game that funds research into the cause, prevention and future cure of multiple sclerosis (MS).
    “I’m proud to stand with roughly 20,000 Illinoisans living with multiple sclerosis,” Lieutenant...

  • 6th Mar, 2015
    March 9-13, 2015 designated as a week to recognize 3,700 volunteers

    SPRINGFIELD – Each year, the nation celebrates the service that thousands of Americans perform through AmeriCorps. It is a time to salute the AmeriCorps members and alums for their hard work and thank the community partners that support them.
    “AmeriCorps helps hundreds of thousands of Illinoisans each year,” said Scott McFarland, Executive Director of Serve Illinois. “AmeriCorps members dedicate a year of their lives to their communities, and AmeriCorps Week is a time for the rest of us to say ‘thank you’.”
    AmeriCorps provides opportunities for adults of all ages and backgrounds to serve through a network of partnerships with local and national nonprofit groups. From neighborhood cleanups and building homes to tutoring...

  • 3rd Feb, 2015

    Learn the risk factors and symptoms of heart disease during American Heart Month

    SPRINGFIELD – February is American Heart Month and Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Director Nirav D. Shah, M.D., J.D. encourages everyone to reduce their risk of heart disease and learn the warning signs of a heart attack.

    "Heart disease is the single leading cause of death in Illinois and the United States. Every year, approximately 600,000 individuals die in the United States from heart disease. That amounts to 1 in every 4 deaths," said Director Shah. "But there are things you can do to reduce your risk – even small steps like using spices instead of salt to season your food. Use American...

  • 27th Jan, 2015

    SPRINGFIELD – El director del Departamento de Salud Pública de Illinois confirmó hoy un caso de sarampión en Illinois. Un residente de los suburbios del condado de Cook se enfermó a mediados de enero y los resultados positivos de sarampión regresaron este fin de semana.

    “Este caso en Illinois sirve para recordar la importancia de las vacunas,” dijo el direcor Shah. “Con solo 10 casos reportados en Illinois en los últimos cinco años, muchos padres de familia no han tenido la experiencia de la grave enfermedad causada por el sarampión. Las vacunas son imprescindibles para proteger no solo a cada niño, sino a la comunidad entera.”

    El Departamento de Salud Pública del Condado de Cook (CCDPH por sus siglas en inglés), con la ayuda del Departamento de Salud Pública de Illinois (IDPH por sus siglas en inglés), está localizando e informando a todos los posibles contactos que podrían...

  • 27th Jan, 2015

    SPRINGFIELD – Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Director Nirav Shah today confirmed one case of measles in Illinois. A suburban Cook County resident became ill in mid-January and test results were positive for measles.

    “This case in Illinois is a reminder of the importance of immunizations,” said Director Shah. “With only 10 cases reported in Illinois over the past five years, many parents may not have experienced the severe illness that can be caused by measles. Immunizations are vital to protect not only each child, but the community as a whole.”

    The Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH), with assistance from IDPH, is conducting contact tracing and informing all potential contacts of their possible exposure.

    “Measles is highly contagious and a person with no immunity can become infected simply by being in the same room with someone who has the...

  • 10th Jan, 2015

    SPRINGFIELD – Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Director Dr. LaMar Hasbrouck today released the Trauma Center Feasibility Study with recommendations on how to increase access to medical care in traumatic emergency situations.
    “Every life has value.  And every life deserves the right care, at the right place, and at the right time,” said Dr. Hasbrouck.  “Some victims of violence and other forms of trauma do not have ready access to the care they need because of a lack of high level medical facilities in that area.  The Trauma Center Feasibility Study looks at areas where access to emergency care for traumatic injuries is lacking and offers recommendations on how to fill these relative trauma deserts.”
    Trauma centers are specialized facilities within hospitals with the expertise to care for patients with traumatic injuries.  For a hospital to become a trauma...