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Anyone 12 years of age and older is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Find your nearest vaccination location at or call (833) 621-1284 to schedule an appointment near you.

COVID-19 Syndromic Surveillance

The Illinois Syndromic Surveillance ​System collects Emergency Department (ED) and Inpatient visit data ​from all acute care hospitals in near-real time that includes patient demographics, chief complaint symptoms and diagnosis. IDPH uses the CDC National Syndromic Surveillance Program's BioSense Platform to perform analysis using ESSENCE.

Key indicators for trends in the COVID-19 outbreak are the percent of visits for:

  • COVID-19-like illness (CLI) (fever and cough or shortness of breath or difficulty breathing or the presence of coronavirus diagnosis codes)
  • Pneumonia
  • Shortness of Breath

Data is presented with a 7-day lag because recent visits are being updated with more information, including ICD diagnosis codes, and percentages are more complete and stable within a week of visit.

More information on the Illinois Syndromic Surveillance System can be found here:

Additional national and state-level data can be found here: 

Daily % of Emergency Department Visits