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Anyone, 5 years of age and older, is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Find your nearest vaccination location at

COVID-19 Outpatient Therapy Locator

Use this map to locate locations for therapies provided free from HHS to prevent COVID-19 infection (Evusheld and Sotrovimab) and severe illness or hospitalization for COVID-19 (Sotrovimab, Paxlovid and Molnupiravir). These allocations are EXTREMELY limited and so we encourage providers and patients to consider all other options for treatment as suggested in the NIH treatment guidelines including products like remdesivir, that are not available through the state, as treatment options. Please also note that Molnupiravir is only an alternative when other therapies are NOT available. Prescribers must discuss risks, benefits and safety profiles of these agents with the patients and provide them the EUA Patient Fact sheets.

Please note that these medications are in very limited supply and are allocated to the State of Illinois in weekly to two-weekly periods, depending on the product. More information can be found on our website.

Outpatient Therapy Location Details:



Location Name Address City State Zip Phone MolnupiravirPaxlovidEvusheld Sotrovimab

These allocations have been made based on the population size of each COVID-19 region in IL and have been selected based on their involvement as our federal pharmacy partner and our regional hospital coordinating centers. In addition, long term care facilities have received an allocation through their assigned long-term care pharmacy partner. Some Federally Qualified Health Care Centers that qualified to receive an independent allocation for oral therapeutics are also listed below.

Given the short supply, medications that can be used for both treatment and post exposure prophylaxis (i.e. COVID-19 prevention) like Sotrovimab, will be prioritized for COVID-19 treatment alone at this time.

These medications require a prescription. Please do not present to the pharmacies without a valid

prescription. The oral medications have to be taken within 5 days of developing symptoms and so prescriptions that are beyond that period may not be considered active any longer. Sotrovimab may be given within 10 days of developing symptoms and is an intravenous (in the vein) injection.

Currently, those with very high risk of developing symptoms i.e. TIER 1 per NIH criteria should be prioritized for treatment.

Tier 1

Immunocompromised individuals not expected to mount an adequate immune response to COVID-19 vaccination or SARS-CoV-2 infection due to their underlying conditions, regardless of vaccine status (see Immunocompromising Conditions below); or Unvaccinated individuals at the highest risk of severe disease (anyone aged ≥75 years or anyone aged ≥65 years with additional risk factors).

Should we have a larger allocation to distribute in the future, we will consider further prioritization of courses. Please understand that even those in this highest risk category may not receive their prescription due to the limited availability of product and may not be eligible by the time the next allocation is available. The federal government is working hard to obtain as much oral therapy as possible at this time.

In settings, such as confinement facilities or other congregate care settings, where the ability to access these medications is limited, please reach out to or your local health department to determine if courses may be available through other sources, such at a local pharmacy or

health center that could be deployed to your facility .

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