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Medical Care for Sexual Assault Survivors

Illinois Hospitals Are Ready and Safe for Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Survivors to Receive Medical Care

Sexual assault and domestic violence survivors come to hospitals to seek important medical and forensic care in their most vulnerable moments. During these tumultuous times, it is imperative that survivors know hospitals remain committed to providing these essential services to survivors who seek them. Hospitals work in collaboration with Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault rape crisis centers, the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and other advocacy organizations to assist survivors.

The choice to seek emergency medical treatment and evidence collection following sexual assault or domestic violence is an individual decision made by each survivor. Due to the sensitive nature of such a visit and patient fears about seeking treatment in a hospital emergency department (ED) during these uncertain times of COVID-19, Gov. JB Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Public Health, in partnership with Illinois hospitals, want to assure you Illinois hospitals are equipped and ready to safely treat sexual assault and domestic violence patients. Survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence should not delay care out of concerns relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and are encouraged to seek medical treatment and support at the nearest hospital ED. To the extent possible, the ED will have a private space ready to provide medical forensic services and will coordinate with a rape crisis center or domestic violence organization to provide medical advocacy services on behalf of the patient.

If you are in crisis and need support related to sexual assault, contact your local 24/7 rape crisis hotline: If you need support related to domestic violence, contact the Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline at 877-863-6338.


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