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2020 Annual Report

On behalf of the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), it is my sincere pleasure to present the fiscal 2020 Annual Report. To say, “we had no idea what the year would bring” as we began this 12-month journey would be the greatest of understatements. In a year unlike anything we have witnessed before, public health has been propelled to the forefront of the stage upon which our lives play out. Regionally, nationally, even globally; public health departments and agencies have adopted the roles of researcher, reporter, strategist, advisor, physician, advocate, counselor, and confidante as we sought to understand the mystery of the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and the impact it was having on us, our health, and our lifestyles.

During the 12-month period covered in this report, the Illinois Department of Public Health has continued to fight forward in the COVID-19 world pandemic. We also continue to be hopeful for the future.

The mission of IDPH is to protect the health and wellness of the people of Illinois through the prevention, health promotion, regulation, and the control of disease and injury. Throughout FY20 we have endeavored to do this employing a lens of equity that challenged us to serve the health care needs of all people of our state, regardless of geography, race, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, religion, or any of the other factors that cause us to view people differently.

The accomplishments of FY20 are due in no small part to the dedication and work of the 1,200 men and women who comprise #TeamIDPH! Their commitment to serving the people of Illinois from Jo Daviess County on the north to Alexander County on the south, make it a joy to lead this department. Their professionalism, flexibility, and willingness to pivot amidst a pandemic, inspires me and keeps me in a state of gratitude for the work they do and their roles as servant-leaders.

This annual report captures our work; the activities and initiatives through which we are continuously responding to the call to serve this state and advocate on behalf of its people.

Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving, and thank you Illinois, for the faith placed in #TeamIDPH!

In accordance with the State Finance Act (30 ILCS 105/3(a)). I am pleased to present the fiscal 2020 report for the Illinois Department of Public Health for the year ending June 30, 2020.

Ngozi O. Ezike, M.D.