Illinois Plan

IDPH is working with statewide partners to develop a comprehensive action plan.


  • Reduce prescription opioid availability for abuse and diversion
    • Work with medical education experts to ensure medical residents are trained in proper opiate prescription practices
    • Strengthen existing PMP, encourage greater PMP use by providers, increase surveillance efforts
    • Support medication take-back program mandated under HB1
  • Expand access to MAT, which has been proven to be very cost-effective, and strengthen supportive services around addiction treatment
    • Strengthen capacities at addiction treatment centers;
    • Develop a coordinated system in which treatment centers can refer stabilized patients to office-based, community providers and thus free up capacity at treatment centers for acute patients;
    • Develop supportive and educational services to community providers (via, e.g., telemedicine networks) to facilitate the provisions of office-based MAT services;
    • Encourage more providers to offer MAT via reimbursement incentives.

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