Where/How to Access Oral Health Care?

Health and well-being include all body parts, including the mouth. Good oral health supports lifelong health, learning, job success, and relationships with others. Unfortunately, many children and adults suffer from painful tooth decay (cavities) that can impact their every day life. The best protection from cavities is good oral hygiene, regular access to professional care, a healthy diet of low sugar food and beverages, the mineral fluoride, dental sealants and remaining tobacco free.

Changes in the mouth often are the first signs of problems elsewhere in the body. Poor oral health may affect your outcomes with diseases and health conditions such as diabetes, immune disorders, heart disease and having pre-term low birth weight babies. There are many other health conditions that may have poor outcomes when your oral health is not good. If you are having problems finding oral health care, there are several ways to find access to care. Please look at these resources listed below to help you locate oral healthcare services in your community.

Dental Insurance Resources

For those who are interested in purchasing dental insurance outside of employment options:

Aetna Dental Offers

starting at $112.46/year
Phone: 844.651.5876


member benefits-you must join to get information


Nationwide network; can just get dental insurance


Lists several plans like Aetna must be a member they want personal information. Lists other insurances like Aetna, Cigna and others.
Phone: 855.867.6495

Delta Dental 

Need personal info to quote
Phone: 844.764.5301


member resources need to sign in


Must sign in and answer questions on plan information


You can compare medical plans
Phone: 866.955.0898

WebMD Dental Savings Plans

Phone: 866.459.4238

Guardian Direct 

sign in with zip code


must fill out a form on the homepage
Phone: 877.381.2850

Each dental insurance service has coverage variables that include age, location, zip code, coverage and the income of household.  Contact each company to determine cost and coverage.