Resources for Professionals

IDPH has many resources available for HealthCare Professionals to view and use. These are the materials used to train and educate the health providers in health agencies that work with IDPH and the Community.  IDPH strives to offer the most up to date resource material for use in our Health Department and for our Community Partners. We will be happy to provide further assistance with any programs or information listed.

Bright Smiles from Birth

This course is sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Illinois Chapter. It will provide an overview of oral health in young children and how to apply fluoride varnish. Upon completion of this course, Illinois primary care providers are eligible to enroll with Medicaid to receive reimbursement for application of fluoride varnish.

Smiles for Life

This is a national oral health curriculum with continuing education modules and resources designed for Primary Care Providers. This resource will provide valuable information for the medical-dental integration.

Expanding Use of Fluoride Varnish

This is a white paper outlining the need for Fluoride Varnish Reimbursement for Children and Pregnant Women.

Use of Silver Diamine Fluoride

This is a white paper outlining the use of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF). It is an interim caries arresting liquid medicament clinically applied to control and prevent the further progression of active dental caries and reduce dentin hypersensitivity. This treatment allows oral health care professionals to arrest dental caries with a noninvasive, painless, and quick method across the age spectrum.