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On the page, "Search By County/Region," you will be able to search by clicking a county on the Illinois map or a region name (ex.ROCKFORD REGION).
On the page, "Search By Other Criteria," you will be able to search on more than one field.

If you select a value from a drop-down list box or click a date from the Calendar, the search results will be automatically displayed.
If you want to search by Instructor Name, please click the "Search" button.
Sorting Please click a header link in the search result table to sort by each field.
Print Please click the printer icon on the upper right side of the search result table to print out.
This icon will be visible on "Search By County/Region" and enabled on "Search By Other Criteria" only when there are any search results.
Before printing out, please go to File > Print Setup on a Web browser and check "Margins." Set "Left" and "Right" margins to 0.16 if you want to use "Portrait" page layout option. You only need to set this up one time. After that you can just use the print icon on the Web application.