PPE Donations

To maximize the State’s availability of PPE, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) released guidance to hospitals and outpatient surgical and procedural centers on March 17, 2020 to limit non-essential adult elective surgery and medical and surgical procedures, including all dental procedures, until further notice. These considerations were requested to assist in limiting the consumption of vital health care resources during this public health emergency, particularly PPE.

IDPH is encouraging all outpatient surgical and procedural centers, ambulatory surgery centers, and veterinarians to donate their unused PPE that is not immediately needed to assist health care providers, health care facilities and first responders who are on the front line and actively responding to COVID-19.

Any type of health care PPE will be welcomed, especially surgical gloves, gowns, goggles, face shields, surgical masks and N-95 respirator masks.

IDPH and Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) officials are working to address needs locally and beyond.

To donate PPE, please contact: PPE.donations@illinois.gov

Guidance Document: